Password Reset

Have you forgotten your password, lost your OTP token, or cannot log in for another reason? Here, you can request a password reset.

Before you go ahead with resetting your password, please double-check the following:

  • When you log in to any of the services, you need to state the main e-mail address of your account as user name, e.g. "". Just entering the part before the "@" (e.g. "user" ) is not sufficient.
  • If you recently designated an alias as your new main e-mail address, then you need to use the new address for any future logins. Your previous main address will no longer work for logging in.
  • If you are experiencing problems with OTP login, then please consult the related articles in our knowledge base first. In particular, note that at, the first factor is not your account password but the PIN code that was created during the OTP setup process.

Please enter your e-mail address here to request a password reset.

Send e-mail with link for reset to your alternate email address

Send text message with reset-code

You have not configured a password reset option, here it is possible to send your team master an email with a link to reset your password.

Display support telephone number, please have your telephone password ready

If you still have access to your mailbox but cannot remember the password, we can send the password reset link to your mailbox.

If you need a new password or further assistance, please contact your internal administrator.